Bring your own Horse on holiday to Hollacombe!

If you are a horse rider, this is the perfect place to bring your horse on holiday, as cosy stabling and / or grazing is also available for your four-legged friends.

We offer you the opportunity for you to bring your own horse on holiday for some amazing riding on Exmoor. DIY Stabling and / or grazing is available on site. You can ride on the farm, or moorland, woodland and coastal riding is within easy reach. We can take you to a drop off point and meet you later to bring you back again and / or escort you on a ride if you wish.

Riding on Exmoor is heaven on earth for the horse rider! To be able to ride across the moor listening to the skylarks and the mewing Buzzards, watching out for red deer and Exmoor ponies who live on the moor, smelling the heather and gorse and follow the babbling brooks is an exquisite experience you remember in your heart forever. There are places to pick your way carefully and others to gallop and gallop seemingly endlessly. The woodlands can be a cool break from the open moorland among the Sessile Oaks, along grassy tracks and up and down steep combes. There is so much variety it is difficult to express fully the lush experience available.

Add this to the most amazing beach riding ever at Saunton Sands. With 4 miles of open beach where you can ride at any time of year is beyond exhilaration. You can stroll along, chatting with walkers and their dogs, splash in the sea and even gallop in the sea. Best time to go is close to low tide or 2 – 3 hours after high tide when the sea is on its way out. There is a circular ride there from the car park on either Sandy Lane or Crow Point. Bring your own horse on holiday and stay in our Self catering cottage where grazing and/or stabling is readily available. Escort / guidance / transport is available. Alternatively you could sleep in your lorry and pay for a ‘pitch’ and take advantage of grazing / stabling for your horse. We look forward to seeing you and meeting your four legged friends