Bring your own Horse to Hollacombe!

We offer you the opportunity for you to bring your own horse for some amazing riding on Exmoor. DIY Stabling and / or grazing is available on site. You can ride on the farm, or moorland, woodland and coastal riding is within easy reach. We can take you to a drop off point and meet you later to bring you back again and / or escort you on a ride if you wish.

  • Riding at Hollacombe Farm

    If you are a horse rider, this is the perfect place to bring your horse on holiday, as cosy stabling is also available for four-legged friends.

  • Riding through Exmoor

    Taking your horse on holiday is a fantastic experience and will give you days of enjoyment, not to mention strengthen the bond with your equine friend and allow variation for both you and your horse, from the usual training, shows and hacking at home.